Myerstown, PA
June 27, 2017

From Time To Time

Sounds like a good title for a periodic note from the Pastor. So, from time to time I will share with you my thoughts through our Website.

First, I want to thank Deb Stevenson, our Parish Webmaster for taking on this ministry of communication.

I met many of you at the Festival and at the Liturgies my first week in Myerstown. It was a wonderful way to meet so many in a very short time.
The problem is, I have a hard time remembering everyone’s name. I hope you will forgive me.

Speaking of the festival: I was so impressed with the organization and cooperation of so many. Never have I seen so many parishioners working together for a common goal: to help the parish financially, but also to build community among the members. It was awesome. Thanks to everyone who brought it all together.

I believe that communication is important so I have established a Parish Calendar. It is now linked to this Website. You can also get to it through the internet Presently, all of the Liturgical functions are listed for the year. In the future it is my hope that everything that happens in the Parish will be listed on this official Parish Calendar. Any organization head can contact me to set up their particular calendar.

You can contact me any time through my cell phone. If you call the Parish Office you will be directed to call me on my cell phone. In this way, I will be able to respond in a more timely fashion.

I also want to thank Father Lavoie for guiding the Parish as the Administrator during the interim between Pastors.

Finally, in another place, you can view my “Biographical Sketch” to see where I have been. Hopefully, with all of you, we will proceed into the future full of hope and joy.

In the Peace of Jesus,
Father Bill